Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you need any other information, please contact our office in Kyiv in a convenient way and we will be happy to answer you. You can be sure that your every contact with us will be accompanied by a smile and a positive approach aimed at quickly solving your problems.

About our approach to work

We prioritize quality, reliability and efficiency in every aspect of our operations.

At our agency, we pay great attention to the quality of translations, understanding that this is the basis of your company’s success. Our team has an entire quality control department, which includes experienced editors and proofreaders. Each translation must be proofread by an editor. If necessary and upon separate request, the translation can be additionally checked by a native speaker.

We work with translators specializing in the respective fields. Only professionals with at least 10 years of experience in the field of translation work in our team. We conduct a thorough selection of candidates, where only the chosen ones make it to our shortlist. To join our team, translators pass a complex test translation. As a result of such selection, only approximately 5% of candidates get the opportunity to work with us.

Our standard pace involves the translation of 8-10 translation pages in one day. The order fulfillment process includes several stages: first, the manager accepts the order, contacts the appropriate specialized translator, and distributes the work. After the translation is completed, the document is edited and proofread. If necessary, certification of the translation or typesetting is also performed. For urgent orders, we optimize our process to ensure fast turnaround – even within hours. The cost of an urgent translation is usually one and a half times higher than a standard translation.

A team of employees is responsible for the quality of execution. The main role is played by the translator himself. After that, the result is checked and changed (if necessary) by the editor and proofreader.

Payment terms

We always strive to achieve the best results for our clients.

We offer the following payment methods:

🧾 Cashless settlement in hryvnias

🏦 Payment through Privat24

💵 Cashless settlement in dollars or euros

💸 Cash payment in the office

📬 Payment upon receipt of the document sent by Nova Poshta

We usually ask our new customers for an advance payment of 50% of the order amount. Payment after order completions is also possible in some cases, in particular, in case of concluding a contract for the provision of services.

We have a flexible approach to the formalities of cooperation: concluding a contract is not a mandatory condition, but, at your request, we are always ready to draw it up. If required, we can offer our standard service contract template or adapt your company’s standard contract.

Translation of personal documents

A key aspect when translating personal documents is impeccable accuracy, as the slightest mistake in a name or address can render the document unacceptable to the relevant authorities. We are aware of the importance of this task and approach each order with the utmost responsibility to guarantee the smooth acceptance of your documents.

The cost of document translation may vary depending on the volume and selected language pairs.

Translators ensure the confidentiality of personal documents by complying with relevant norms and standards for the protection of privacy and personal data.

Incorrect translation of personal documents can lead to delays in solving issues related to immigration, education, employment and other areas of life.

A high-quality translation of personal documents can ensure the correct interpretation of academic information and clarity for making a decision on admission to an educational institution abroad.

Yes, it is possible to translate personal documents in the form of a notarized copy, which has the same legal force as the original document.

Yes, the translation of personal documents can be ordered in a short time according to the client’s needs.

Legalization of documents and apostille

Legalization of documents is an official confirmation of the authenticity of a document intended for use abroad. We provide a full range of services, including apostille, translation and notarization.

Apostille is a simplified legalization procedure. Countries that have not joined the Hague Convention and do not recognize the apostille require legalization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a consulate or embassy. This is a more complicated procedure, but we can help with this as well. The most popular among our clients are countries that do not recognize an apostille and require legalization: Canada, UAE, Qatar, Egypt.

Apostille on documents is an international confirmation of their authenticity and legality for use abroad.

In 1961, a number of countries signed the Hague Convention, in which they agreed on a simplified document circulation procedure and mutual recognition of state documents, provided they contain a special stamp – an apostille. This stamp is mostly affixed by the ministries of education, justice and foreign affairs within the country where the document was issued. An apostille must be affixed to a document issued by a government body of one country for use in another. If the document is used within the country where it was issued, apostillation is not required.

Double apostille is a special type of legalization of documents, in which the apostille stamp is affixed twice: first on the original document or its notarized copy, and then on the notarized translation of the document. It is important to first notarize the translation of the document and only after that to apostill it.

A double apostille confirms the authenticity of the seal and the signature of the notary who certified the translation. Usually, a double apostille is required for documents used in the following countries: Austria Belgium Great Britain Denmark Netherlands Italy Norway Portugal France Switzerland. However, this list is not exhaustive, and it is worth finding out the requirements for issuing the document in the relevant authority of the country in which the document will be used.


The apostille is affixed in one of the ministries of the country where the document was issued, and it confirms the authenticity of the document itself (the seal and signature of the official of the body that issued the document match).

Notarization usually confirms the conformity of the copy of the document or the qualification of the translator who translated the document.

The apostille must be affixed in the country of issue, and the translation and notarization after the apostille can be performed in any country.

The following personal documents are subject to apostillation:

  • Diplomas, archival references, educational programs, certificates.
  • Certificates (about a criminal record, from the place of residence, about the state of health).
  • Marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, etc.
  • Documents issued by a notary public (statements, powers of attorney, notarized copies of certain documents, affidavits, etc.).
  • Certificates of registration, powers of attorney, statutes and other documents.

Passports, work books, military IDs, permits to carry weapons, technical passports for cars, identity cards and certain other documents cannot be apostilled, however, in some cases, notarized copies of such documents may be required.

Laminated documents or those containing traces of lamination are not subject to apostillation. Birth, marriage, name change or death certificates must be issued after 2003.

Old or laminated documents must be obtained again and only then apostilled.

The term for affixing an apostille depends on the type of document and can vary from several days to several weeks. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: from 5 to 10 working days. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: from 5 to 10 working days or up to 20 working days in case of need for additional information upon request to the institution that issued the document. Ministry of Education of Ukraine: from 1 to 30 working days, depending on the sample document and the urgency of submission.

Yes, in most cases, the apostille is affixed to the original document. It can look like a stamp, placed or glued on the back or sewn in a separate sheet to the original.

Exceptions are documents that cannot be sewn or stamped, such as a passport or driver’s license. Also, in Ukraine, it is not possible to put an apostille on state documents issued on the territory of the Soviet Union. In such cases, notarized copies of documents can be apostilled, not the originals.


No. A power of attorney is not required for apostillization.

Usually, an apostille is issued in the state language, and after apostillation, the entire document together with the apostille must be translated into the required language, as well as notarized.

This apostillation procedure has its own characteristics. It is extremely important to consider that foreign countries often do not accept birth certificates that were issued according to the old standards. Such documents include:

  • Certificates issued before 2003.
  • Certificates issued during the USSR.

In order to apostill these birth certificates, it is necessary to first contact the authorities of the RAC to obtain a duplicate document on a new sample form.

There are also certain nuances associated with the availability of the relevant sample of the RACS seal and the registrar’s signature in the archive of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which may create difficulties during apostillation. Documents obtained within the last 10 years are usually easily apostilled without any obstacles. However, old documents laminated or with additional marks and stamps cannot be apostilled. In this case, you need to get a clean duplicate on a new form, on which you can already put an apostille.

For Italy, Spain and France, two options for legalization of documents are possible:

  1. Apostillization of the document → notarized translation → second apostillization.
  2. Apostillization of the document → translation made by an accredited translator with a consular seal.

Today, there are several official bodies in Ukraine that are authorized to affix an apostille on documents: the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Ministry of Justice), the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) or the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

The cost of an apostille may vary depending on the type of document and terms.

To obtain an apostille, you need to have the original document and additional documents or information, depending on the requirements of a specific institution. The original document must not be damaged or laminated.

Apostille has no validity period. If you put the apostille once, you don’t need to put it again. The exception is documents with an apostille, which have an expiration date. This usually refers to a certificate (extract) of a criminal record that is valid abroad for 3 months. Also, in rare cases, foreign institutions require birth or marriage certificates to be issued no later than one year from the date of submission. In this case, you need to get the certificate again and put an apostille on it.

Apostille on documents in Ukraine is a seal, wet or electronic, which is placed on the back of the original document. Although the requirements for issuing an apostille are uniform for all countries and provide for the creation of an apostille template in a certain format, the form of an apostille may differ slightly in different ministries of Ukraine. An apostille is drawn up in the form of a square measuring 10×10 cm, which contains the main elements: the country where the apostille was affixed, the name of the document on which it is affixed, the seal that confirms the apostille, the authority that issues the apostille, the date of issue, the signature of the responsible person and its seal body.

Apostille is required to legalize documents for use abroad, for example, for educational purposes, work, starting a business, etc.

Notarized translation

A notarized translation of a document is a translation with a simultaneous certification of the authenticity of the certified translator’s signature by a notary. Our office MovaPro has all the necessary conditions for high-quality and fast notarial translation of documents: our translators are certified and we have been cooperating with notaries for a long time.

A notarized translation is a translation of a document performed by a qualified translator and approved by a notary public. At the same time, the notary confirms that the translation corresponds to the original and is correct. A notarized translation has great legal force and can be used for official purposes, such as court appearances, notarial acts, migration issues or other situations where the authenticity of the translation is required.

The terms of execution of a notarial translation may vary depending on the volume and complexity of the documents, as well as the work schedule of the notary and the translator. It usually takes 2 hours to a week.

No, for a notarized translation, it is necessary to contact a qualified translator who will make the translation in accordance with all requirements, and only after that the notary can confirm it.

A notarized translation provides additional confirmation of the authenticity of the document translation, which can be important in various situations, such as legal procedures, migration or educational matters.

Such documents as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, health certificates, diplomas, work books and other official documents can be notarized.

A mandatory condition for choosing a translator is his professional qualification. The specialist must have a diploma in the relevant specialization, that is, the translator’s qualification in the required language pair must be specified in the document on higher education.

Notarization of copies of documents

In cases where documents need to be submitted to several instances at the same time, a notarized copy is required. Our team has been providing notarization services for copies of documents for more than 12 years.

Notarization of a copy of a document – UAH 200 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization of the translator’s signature – UAH 250 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization of translation and notarized copy – UAH 300 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization in Ukrainian and translated language (in 2 columns) – UAH 350 for 1 document. Services of a certified translator at a notary public – UAH 500 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

A notarized copy of a document has the same legal force as the original document. This means that such a copy can be used for the same legal purposes for which the original is required.

To notarize copies of documents, it is necessary to contact a notary with the original document. A copy is taken by a notary, after which he certifies the document with his signature and seal. After that, the copy will be considered officially certified.

A mandatory condition for the provision of notary services is the provision of the original passport. The notary checks the validity of the document, the presence of all details, and then independently removes a copy. All pages of the copy are stapled, the inscription “According to the original” is affixed, and at the end of the document, a notary’s executive inscription is made, a signature and a seal are affixed.

After notarization, the copy of the document becomes valid. The copy is valid for the same period as the original. You can make several notarized copies during one visit to the notary, and use them at different times.

Obtaining a certificate of no criminal record

A certificate of no criminal record is a document that contains information about the presence or absence of a criminal record of a person on the territory of Ukraine. A citizen of Ukraine, a foreign citizen, as well as a stateless person can obtain a certificate of no criminal record. We will be happy to help you quickly and easily issue a certificate of no criminal record and send it anywhere in Ukraine or the world.

Yes, you can currently obtain a criminal record certificate yourself through the “Diia” app. However, this document is only available in electronic form and cannot be apostilled. Therefore, it cannot be used for submission to most official bodies abroad, which require only the original document with an apostille and a translation.

You can come to our office with the original passport and make an order there, but it is not necessary. The certificate can be ordered online by sending a high-quality photo or scan of the document. We can help you get a certificate with an apostille without your presence.

The term of obtaining a certificate of criminal record: from 14 days.

Obtaining an extract (certificate) of no criminal record: UAH 1,200 for 1 document. Obtaining an extract (certificate) of no criminal record with an apostille: UAH 2,000 for 1 document.

Usually, foreign authorities require that the certificate be no older than 90 days at the time of submission.

If a citizen of Ukraine lived for a long time in one country, for example, Germany, and then moved to another country, say, Canada, and prepares documents for permanent residence there, then, most likely, he will need to obtain certificates of criminal record in the territory Ukraine, and on the territory of Germany.

In our MovaPro translation company, you can get a certificate of criminal record with an apostille. We provide services for the issuance of a certificate of no criminal record together with the approval of an apostille, which is necessary for the use of this certificate abroad. Our trained professionals will assist you with all aspects of this procedure.

Obtaining an extract (certificate) of no criminal record with an apostille costs UAH 2,000.

On the territory of Ukraine, you can get a certificate of criminal record only in the official language. After that, it will be necessary to put an apostille on it and make a certified translation.

Yes, the certificate confirms the fact that the person did not commit crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, it can be issued to foreign citizens.

To obtain a certificate of criminal record abroad, you need to contact the relevant state authority of the country where you live. Procedures may differ depending on the legislation of each country.

Translation of legal documents

Documents from the field of jurisprudence require in-depth knowledge of international law and the legal system of a specific country. A misinterpreted word, omitted or incorrect sentence can cause misunderstanding and cause serious consequences. Our bureau employs only highly qualified certified translators who have all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform legal translation.

Our translation center employs professional translators with legal specialization and many years of experience in translating legal texts. Narrow specialization assumes that the translator has a perfect command of terminology, understands the subject and has extensive experience in translating legal documents. The translator always has the opportunity to consult with lawyers and other expert consultants.

In order to achieve a high speed of legal translation, we involve several translators at once to work on the project. In this case, in order to achieve high quality, it is important to ensure strict adherence to uniform terms and wording in the translation.

An incorrect or inaccurate translation can lead to misunderstandings, legal errors or even the loss of the legal status of a document.

Translators follow strict confidentiality rules and sign non-disclosure agreements where necessary.

Machine translation can be useful for preliminary translation or to get a general understanding of the text, but for accurate and correct translation of legal documents, it is recommended to use professional translators.

Formatting should meet the standards and requirements for official documents, such as font, alignment, etc.

Translation of marketing materials

Marketing translations must convey your brand and its values to an audience of different cultures. Our team of experienced translators in this field understands the importance of preserving the emotions and context of your message during translation. Our team is happy to help with both marketing translation and transcreation (translation at the interface with copywriting) of texts in any industry.

To reproduce the emotional flavor in marketing texts, the translator must use appropriate language terminology and style, as well as preserve the tone and emotional intonation of the original.

The quality of translation is critical to the success of marketing campaigns abroad, as it determines the clarity and effectiveness of communication with local audiences, as well as influencing brand and product perception.

Consistency in marketing translations is important to maintain the brand image and create a unified communication strategy in different markets, which promotes brand recognition and trust.

A high-quality marketing translation helps to increase the conversion and effectiveness of advertising campaigns, because the right words can cause the desired reaction and maintain interest.

Incorrect translation can lead to misunderstandings, negative brand perception and loss of consumer trust.

Taking into account cultural characteristics in marketing translation helps to avoid offensive or unacceptable expressions, increases the effectiveness of communication and contributes to a positive perception of the brand.

Medical translation

Every day, our team translates dozens of documents for private individuals, as well as for pharmaceutical and medical companies. The translators we engage in the translation of medical documents have additional medical education, which ensures accuracy and a deeper understanding of the context.

Yes, our translation bureau employs professional translators who have medical specialization and many years of translation experience. Narrow specialization means that the translator is well-versed in medical topics and has extensive experience in translating medical documents. We conduct a thorough selection of candidates, where only the chosen ones make it to our shortlist. To join our team, translators pass a complex test translation. As a result of such selection, only approximately 5% of candidates get the opportunity to work with us.

Medical translation professionals must be highly qualified, familiar with medical terminology, and understand the importance of accuracy and confidentiality.

Translators ensure the confidentiality of medical information by adhering to professional ethical standards and signing non-disclosure agreements with clients.

Incorrect medical translation can lead to misunderstandings between medical staff and patients, incorrect treatment and other serious health and safety consequences.

Medical translators have not only language skills, but also a deep understanding of medical terminology and processes, which helps ensure high-quality and accurate translation of medical documents.

Technical translation

Technical translation requires not only knowledge of the language but also deep technical knowledge. All our specialists have more than 10 years of experience, some of them at large industrial enterprises. Our specialists have developed glossaries of technical translations, which contain terms from many industries, including highly specialized ones. In our work, we use translation memories, which allows us to speed up the translation process and ensures a high level of unity of style and terminology.

At our agency, we pay great attention to the quality of translations, understanding that this is the basis of your company’s success. Our team has an entire quality control department, which includes experienced editors and proofreaders. Each translation must be proofread by an editor. If necessary and upon separate request, the translation can be additionally checked by a native speaker.

We engage expert translators in the respective fields: technical texts are translated by specialists with significant technical experience. Only professionals with at least 10 years of experience in the field of translation work in our team. We conduct a thorough selection of candidates, where only the chosen ones make it to our shortlist. To join our team, translators pass a complex test translation. As a result of such selection, only approximately 5% of candidates get the opportunity to work with us.

Technical translation requires the translator to have in-depth knowledge in the technical field, an understanding of specific terminology and the ability to work with technical documentation.

An experienced translator in the technical field understands the specifics and peculiarities of technical terminology, has the necessary skills to understand complex concepts and ensures high quality translation.

The document layout process includes text placement, image processing, typography selection, placement of graphic elements, and document structure creation.

The process of compiling documents usually includes the following stages: analysis of customer requirements, layout planning, typography and color scheme selection, placement of text and images, and final proofreading before publication.


MovaPro translation company offers you the services of translators who have not only significant experience in interpreting, but also specific specialization (economics, jurisprudence, banking, technology, etc.). Our employees are always communicative, polite, neat, dressed according to the format of the event.

The cost of translation is calculated hourly (from 1500/hour). In the tariff system, the rule of the minimum rate is applied, that is, two hours.

Yes, we provide interpreting services for various events including conferences, seminars, training courses and other events.

We recommend ordering interpretation in advance so that we can ensure the availability of interpreters and the appropriate equipment. If necessary, we can provide an interpreter 1 day before the start of the event.

Our translation agency offers interpretation between a wide range of language pairs, including English, Spanish, French, German and many others.

Localization of websites

Localization of your website is not only about replacing words in other languages. It’s about building a bridge between your brand and your audience, building trust and increasing conversions. Our professional translators, equipped with vast experience and a creative approach, will do everything possible to ensure that your website remains in the minds of users, creating a positive image of your brand.

The translator must be familiar with the culture of the readers, he must know the nuances and stylistic features of the target language. Also, the translator must know the culture of use of the product or service in the region for which the translation is being performed.

Localization is always needed, as it provides not only the translation of the website, but also the adaptation of the text taking into account cultural and regional specifics.

Translation of the website into Ukrainian becomes necessary in several scenarios. Foreign companies that plan to enter the Ukrainian market translate their web resources to attract a new audience. Also, Ukrainian brands, which previously used Russian on their websites, translate the interface into the national language. This is not only a requirement of Ukrainian legislation, but also a manifestation of respect for Ukrainian users.


When a website needs to be translated, the client sometimes turns to private translators on freelance exchanges. However, it is still better to order such a service at the MovaPro translation bureau, where the team consists of specialists of various profiles: medical, economic, technical, and others.

Specialists who translate in their native language do it better, because they feel free in both the language and the topic. As a result, the client receives a first-class website translation.

Website localization allows you to adapt it to the specific culture, language and needs of the target audience, which increases the effectiveness of communication and improves the user experience.

The choice of languages for website localization should be based on the analysis of the target audience, the distribution of the language number of users and the company’s strategic goals regarding the markets.

Cultural differences are taken into account by adapting the content, design and functionality of the site to local traditions, customs and cultural norms.

Localization of games

High-quality localization will allow not only to preserve the authenticity of the game, but also to create a positive impression among local players, increase their involvement and promote the product in the international market. We understand the unique requirements of this process and have extensive experience in implementing best practices in video game localization for different cultural and language environments.

First of all, it is important to bring in experienced translators who not only speak the languages, but also understand the peculiarities of game development and cultural differences. In addition, it is important to test the game after translation to identify and correct any flaws in the translation or adaptation. It is also important to have clear quality criteria and a feedback system with the localization team to continuously improve the results. Only such a comprehensive approach will ensure high-quality translation of the game and the satisfaction of your players.

Localization can include text translation, voice acting, changing graphics, adapting to local laws and cultural features.

Stages can include requirements analysis, text translation, voice acting, testing and release of the game in different languages.

Localization allows players to better understand the storyline, dialogue and other aspects of the game, which encourages them to feel more involved in the game.

It is important that the translation is of high quality and preserves the meaning of the original, so it is better to involve experienced localizers who understand the specifics of game development.

Do you have any other questions?

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