Urgent interpretation services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

Urgent interpretation services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

At our MovaPro translation company, we have been providing interpretation services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine for more than 12 years. We cooperate with certified translators with experience in interpreting in various fields. Our employees are always polite and dressed according to the format of the event. You can consult our specialists free of charge on all questions related to interpretation – both in person at the office and by calling us.

Interpretation: what you need to know about the specifics

A specialist performing an oral translation cannot use a dictionary, he must have knowledge and experience in the relevant field. A high speed of reaction, the ability to quickly orient oneself in a tight time frame is required from the translator. Knowledge of the language, presentable appearance, improved communication skills, knowledge of the specifics of your business – these are the necessary minimum qualities for the translator you need.

When contacting the services of an interpreter, we recommend that you pay special attention to the competence of the specialist and the reputation of the translation agency that he represents. After all, the success of negotiations, transactions and other important events largely depends on the quality of the translation. You can order translators from us:

  • for various events – conferences, seminars, lectures, trainings, round tables, presentations, exhibitions:
  • Skype conferences, telephone conversations;
  • notarization of documents;
  • buffets, holidays, excursions.

MovaPro translation company offers you the services of interpreters who have significant experience in interpreting and specific specialization (such as economics, jurisprudence, banking, technology, etc.).

Бюро перекладів МоваПро

Areas of specialization

We specialize in various areas of interpretation. We provide professional interpreters both for business meetings and informal walks around the city with foreign partners.

Consecutive interpreting

There are two main types of consecutive interpretation popular in Kyiv – for an audience (educational events, presentations, etc.) and for a small number of listeners (negotiations, transactions). The speaker pronounces a phrase or a small fragment of his speech and pauses, during which the interpreter translates what the speaker has just said. Our translators are ready to provide consistent interpretation in any context.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation requires a lot of concentration and the ability to quickly react to the language situation. It is carried out almost simultaneously with the speaker, who does not pause. This is the most difficult type of translation, so its cost is higher than that of sequential translation. Synchronists train their memory in a special way in order to translate the speaker’s language well. Simultaneous translators work in pairs and change every 20 minutes.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting is a type of simultaneous translation in which the interpreter whispers the translation of what was said to one or more people. The translator whispers at a low voice volume, specially reducing the resonance of vowels and some consonants. The interpreter can strictly follow the speaker’s words or translate the key points.

Order interpretation services

If you have any questions about our services or pricing, please contact us in a way that is convenient for you and we will respond promptly.
Frequently asked questions

We will be happy to answer all your questions

For a quick and accurate calculation of the cost, please contact our managers at +38 098 607 7967 or via Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp, or send a request to order@movapro.kiev.ua

The cost of interpretation is calculated hourly. In the tariff system, the rule of the minimum rate is applied, that is, two hours.

Yes, we provide interpretation services for various events, including conferences, seminars, training courses and other events.

It is recommended that interpretation be ordered in advance so that we can ensure the availability of interpreters and appropriate equipment.

Our translation agency offers interpretation between a wide range of language pairs, including English, Spanish, French, German and many others.

Tania Kuzmina
Tania Kuzmina
Дуже сподобалось спілкування з цією фірмою. Робота була виконана дуже швидко, якісно та професійно. Співробітниці були ввічливими, терплячими. Раджу звертатися усім. Ще раз, дуже вдячна Вам. Ще + місце розташування зручне максимально.
Ірина Дудкіна
Ірина Дудкіна
Спасибо!Бистро,качественно!Девочки большие молодци!!!
Теплові мережі
Теплові мережі
Дуже хороше бюро перекладів! Завжди швидко, зручно і за помірну ціну. Вже не вперше користуюся. Рекомендую!
Мэри Кучухидзе
Мэри Кучухидзе
Щиро вдячна за вашу бездоганну працю та за короткий термін виконану роботу!
Iryna Bezkrovna
Iryna Bezkrovna
Хочу подякувати за оперативне та якісне опрацювання документів! Приємні працівники, якісний сервіс, рекомендую)
Veronika Chuyan
Veronika Chuyan
Спасибо большое Мова Про , за то что сделали всё быстро и качественно, девушки очень вежливые🤍 Очень приятно уважительно обращаются+++ Рекомендую 💯