Термінове нотаріальне засвідчення копій документів у Києві та по Україні

Urgent notarized copy of the document in Kyiv and across Ukraine

In our MovaPro translation company, we have been providing notarization services for copies of documents in Kyiv and across Ukraine for more than 12 years. We fulfill orders in the time required for you and at reasonable prices. With us, you can consult for free on all issues, both in person at the office and by calling us.

Getting copies of documents notarized: general requirements

In cases where documents need to be submitted to several instances at the same time, a notarized copy is required. Due to the fact that it has legal force, its presence allows you to keep important documents certifying identity, confirming the right of ownership, etc. The presence of a notary’s seal and signature makes it legal and allows you to completely replace the original.

The main requirement: only originals need to be provided for notarization. It is important to note that a notarized copy is not made from laminated documents. In addition, in order for the notary to accept the documents, they must meet a number of criteria:

  • Absence of any damage, corrections and deletions in the text;
  • Presence of seals of state bodies or other authorities that issued it;
  • Clear, well-printed, readable text;
  • The presence of firmware and numbering on the sheets, if the document is multi-page;

Diplomas and certificates of education, employment records, birth certificates, contracts, powers of attorney, pension certificates, licenses and certificates, founding documents and protocols, military IDs, court decisions, criminal records, driver’s licenses and other documents can be certified by a notary.

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Notarization of a copy of a document – UAH 200 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization of the translator’s signature – UAH 250 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization of translation and notarized copy – UAH 300 (up to 10 pages) for 1 document. Notarization in Ukrainian and translated language (in 2 columns) – UAH 350 for 1 document. Services of a certified translator at a notary public – UAH 500 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

A notarized copy of a document has the same legal force as the original document. This means that such a copy can be used for the same legal purposes for which the original is required.

To notarize copies of documents, it is necessary to contact a notary and provide the original document. A copy is taken by a notary, after which he certifies the document with his signature and seal. After that, the copy will be considered officially certified.

A mandatory condition for the provision of notary services is the provision of the original passport. The notary checks the validity of the document, the presence of all details, and then independently removes a copy. All pages of the copy are stapled, the inscription “According to the original” is affixed, and at the end of the document, the executive inscription of the notary is made, the signature and seal are affixed.

After notarization, the copy of the document becomes valid. Therefore, the copy is valid for the same period as the original. There are no other restrictions. You can make several notarized copies during one visit to the notary, and use them at different times.

Tania Kuzmina
Tania Kuzmina
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Ірина Дудкіна
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Теплові мережі
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Мэри Кучухидзе
Щиро вдячна за вашу бездоганну працю та за короткий термін виконану роботу!
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Iryna Bezkrovna
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Veronika Chuyan
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